RESET™ Air continuously monitors a building’s indoor air quality and cloud technology to make real-time environmental health data accessible to occupants. This foster greater awareness of environmental problems in the built environment and thus encourages regenerative solutions to air quality problems.

RESET ™ Air is the first module of the RESET ™ standard, which also includes modules such as Reset Energy, Reset Materials, Reset Water and Reset Circularity that are currently under development.

RESET™ is a tool created by GIGA, an international organisation which, based on the measurement of occupant health in buildings, aims to guide the construction and building planning industry towards regenerative projects that are effective and beneficial to ecology, society and the economy.

The RESET Air Standard v2.0 certification is applicable to both Core&Shell buildings and Commercial Interiors.

RESET Air Standard v2.0 guidelines:

•  Real-time data

RESET™ is the only building standard based on real-time data collected by monitors. Indoor air quality data must be continuously gathered through air quality monitors that measure particulate matter, TVOC, CO2, temperature and relative humidity. The results are streamed to the cloud and can be viewed in real time from any computer or mobile device, informing occupants of the air quality in their spaces and buildings.

•  Human health

The RESET™ standard focuses on human health as the main objective considering the metrics that have a direct impact on human health, such as indoor air quality.

•  Long-term monitoring

To apply RESET™ Standard, the building or space must be monitored over a long-term period, to ensure that the environmental quality remains consistently high during the occupancy phase. Requirements for the continuous monitoring of an indoor space or building include the distribution and technical specifications of sensors, installation requirements, data reporting and data platform and calibration requirements. The RESET™ certification system is based on an annual recertification process that ensures this long-term monitoring process.

•  Communication

RESET ™ facilitates the real-time communication of indoor wellness data so that all tenants can access it. This cannot only create air quality awareness and social equity, but can also lead to economic benefits, including increased tenant loyalty and higher building valuation.

The RESET ™ Air certification for CI or C&S has been successfully implemented in projects covering more than 620,000 square metres worldwide, in locations such as Shanghai, London, Singapore, Washington DC and Beijing, amongst others.

Benefits of the RESET™ Air certification

For owners of new or existing buildings, the first step to improving indoor air quality is to obtain the RESET™ Air certification. A RESET™ Air certification is an asset for any property. Occupant or tenant health can be used as a tool to reduce landlord liability, improve tenant or occupant satisfaction (ideally by signing longer lease agreements) and to attract more potential customers.

How is the RESET™ Air certification obtained?

Greenwich s.r.l., within the RESET™ Air protocol, provides strategic consultancy services for customers intending to monitor and improve the air quality of their buildings.

Greenwich also provides guidelines for monitoring, providing measuring instruments through specialist partners, analysing results and generating action plans towards new building regeneration projects.

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https://www.reset.build/standard/air; http://giga.build/home?locale=en