Greenwich offers Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (EHS) Due Diligence services for a number of customers with different needs and objectives, relating to the following areas:

  • merger of larger companies;
  • acquisition or transfer of ownership of assets operating in the manufacturing sector;
  • commercial or industrial development of real estate;
  • closure and sale of establishments;
  • refinancing of commercial or industrial property;
  • bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings.

The correct knowledge of the elements of legislative compliance and the clear identification of risks relating to environmental and occupational safety aspects, allows the necessary information to be obtained for a full assessment of the business and for an adequate definition of strategic choices.

Greenwich has a multidisciplinary team with over 30 years’ experience, consisting of highly qualified technicians in due diligence for sales, acquisitions, mergers & acquisitions, site assessment and EHS (environmental, health, safety) audits, with proven national and international experience.

The key elements of our assistance are as follows:

  • providing a detailed overview of compliance with environmental legislation and identifying any environmental and occupational safety aspects that may present legal and financial risks;
  • the economic quantification, in terms of investment or operating costs, of the adjustments needed to avoid a negative impact on the business;
  • support in defining aspects and contractual clauses relating to environmental and occupational safety issues;
  • assistance during the negotiation phases for EHS issues, with quantification of the costs of the measures to be taken and verification of the solutions proposed by the Targets;
  • assistance in the post-transaction phase to identify possible areas of improvement for asset enhancement.