The PEP (Product Environmental Profile) registered within the PEP ecopassport® Program is a type III environmental declaration according to the ISO 14025 standard. International reference programme for environmental declarations of products from the electrical, electronics and heating and cooling industries.

It is a voluntary initiative of the industry that is specifically adapted to the characteristics of said equipment and cannot be used for other products, such as food, cosmetics, etc.

The PEP is a statement that meets the requirements of ISO 14025:

  • it is based on LCA, which quantifies relative environmental impacts;
  • it is prepared and executed in the framework of a declaration programme with a critical review of the rules and consultation of stakeholders on these rules.

Auditing of PEP Certification

The PEP must be independently audited to certify that it meets the requirements set out in the Programme’s reference documents, namely:

  • the PEP ecopassport ® Product Category Rules (PCR) programme;
  • environmental policy.

This audit must be performed by an auditor accredited by the programme and independent of the PEP publication process.

The audit must produce two documents demonstrating the conformity of the PEP:

  • the declaration of conformity, signed by the accredited and independent auditor;
  • the audit report.

Greenwich supports companies in their PEP ecopassport® product certification

Greenwich Ltd. supports manufacturers in the preparation of environmental declarations for PEP products from the electrical, electronics and heating and cooling industries.

Greenwich’s support relates

  • to defining the scope of work of the certification and the analysis of the necessary data;
  • to preparing of the LCA
  • to supporting the audit carried out by accredited auditors in order to obtain the Ecopassport® PEP.

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