Consultancy for Environmental Due Diligence, Health and Safety Due Diligence, Food Safety Due Diligence, implementation of environmental audits, Environmental Communication Consulting, Consulting for Green Positioning of products; Consulting for the certification of Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 and EMAS.


Greenwich provides Environmental, Safety and Health Due Diligence services to a number of clients with various needs and targets, related to:


  • merger of larger companies;
  • acquisition or transfer of ownership of the activities operating in the manufacturing sector;
  • commercial or industrial development of real estate;
  • closure and sale of establishments;
  • refinancing of commercial or industrial properties;
  • bankruptcy proceedings and foreclosure.

The correct knowledge of the elements of legislative compliance and the clear identification of risks related to environmental and safety aspects of the work allows us to obtain the necessary information for a complete evaluation of the business and for an adequate definition of the strategic choices. Greenwich has a multidisciplinary group with three years’ experience working, composed of highly qualified technicians in the Due Diligence activities for sales, acquisition, merger & acquisition, site assessment and EHS (Environmental, Health, Safety) audits, with proven experience in national and international level.

The key elements of our work is as follows:

  • providing a detailed framework of compliance with environmental legislation and identify any environmental and occupational safety issues that may present legal and financial risks;
  • the economic quantification, in terms of investments or operating costs, of the adjustments necessary to avoid a negative impact on the business;
  • support in defining the contractual aspects and clauses relating to the issues of the environment and safety in the workplace;
  • assistance during the negotiation phases;
  • assistance in the post-transaction phase to identify possible areas for improvement to enhance the asset.

The activities were also extended to the Food Safety Due Diligence for sales, acquisition, merger & acquisition operations in the food industries field.

In particular with checks on some topics:

  • legislative compliance in relation to Food Safety issues;
  • HACCP in compliance with Regulations 852/2004, 852 / 2004-178 / 2002;
  • application of the BRC/IFS standards, compliance with Regulations 852/2004, 852/ 2004-178/ 2002.


In the field of environmental communication, Greenwich develops communication projects for companies and public bodies, in relation to the various needs of Corporate, Brand or Crisis Management. Thanks to the experience gained in years of work in this field, Greenwich is able to conceive, plan and run environmental communication campaigns on a national scale, with the planning and execution of environmental events and road shows.

In relation to the client's needs, Greenwich provides consultancy services for:

Corporate environmental communication:

  • communication campaigns and environmental awareness for corporate projects;
  • training Courses, environmental education and motivation events for employees.

Brand environmental communication:

  • communication campaigns and environmental awareness raising for the promotion of brands and products;
  • organization and management of environmental education courses for consumers

Environmental communication for crisis and environmental conflicts:

  • study and design of environmental communication actions and campaigns in case of environmental crisis for production plants or plants with environmental interference;
  • study, planning and management of Environmental Conflict management actions with media report plan, environmental press office, organization of events involving the population.

Green Positioning

In the field of environmental enhancement of products, Greenwich develops Green Positioning projects towards the market of green building materials and products.

The experience gained in almost 12 years of work in this field Greenwich is able to provide consulting services for:


LEED V3 / V4 / BREEAM / WELL / CAM mapping and processing of technical documentation aimed at providing LEED information to decision makers, designers and construction companies

  • detailed technical analysis of products, application methods, environmental performance and sustainability, for an assessment of compliance and LEED V3 / V4 / BREEAM / WELL / CAM enhancement;
  • execution of LEED V3 / V4 / BREEAM / WELL / CAM mapping systems and products, with an illustration of the characteristics to be enhanced for Green Building projects towards the various LEED V3 / V4 / BREEAM / WELL / CAM protocols;
  • development of specific technical documentation (with report in word / excel format) related to product compliance, following the LEED V3 / V4 / BREEAM / WELL / CAM Mapping, for the purpose of a presentation to Designers and Customers involved in LEED V3 projects / V4 / BREEAM / WELL / CAM and to the presentation of Offers to LEED V3 / V4 / BREEAM / WELL / CAM Projects and Shipyards;
  • specific technical documentation for processing offers to sell products to LEED V3 / V4 / BREEAM / WELL / CAM projects in Italian and English (LEED Form, etc);
  • provision of "short" technical texts to be included by the Company on its website

Conception and design of content and communication layouts for the "Green Marketing" of products to the LEED / BREEAM / WELL Certification Projects:

  • conception and design of contents for leaflet / brochure in ITA / ENG, for the "Green Marketing" of products in the Fairs, presentations towards the Projects subjected to LEED / BREEAM / WELL Certification.

Environmental product certification


In the field of environmental products enhancement, Greenwich develops environmental certification projects of products and materials for green construction. With the experience gained in almost 12 years of work in this field, Greenwich is able to provide consulting services for the qualification path for the minimum environmental criteria for the building industry, with the following certifications.


The voluntary product certification of the percentage of recycled material deriving from the recycling of waste for made in Italy products. It allows to obtain, in addition to the product certificate, also a label issued by the ReMade organisation as well as the publication of the product on the Remade in Italy® website.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program Consulting Services

Cradle to cradle Certified

Greenwich offers a specialized consultancy service for Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ Products Program, abbreviated as C2C Certified ("from cradle to cradle") and for products related to the Green Building, to be applied in buildings and spaces LEED / BREEAM / WELL , both for manufacturing products of various types.

Cradle to Cradle intends to support manufacturers for the qualification of products, with a rating system that allows for subsequent steps to create products that can improve the quality of life and the environment.

Products are assessed on the basis of five criteria; following this evaluation, the products can obtain one of the five certification levels: base, bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

Certification is issued by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII).

Cradle to Cradle Certified is a certification mark for the exclusive use of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Certification of self-declared environmental declaration in accordance with ISO 14021.

The self-declared environmental claims compiled in accordance with ISO 14021, a globally recognized standard, is a tool that a manufacturer has available to declare the sustainability characteristics of its products.

EPD Environmental Product Declaration

Development of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) projects and subsequent qualification of products or products with Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Cradle to cradle

Develpoment of Cradle to Cradle™ certifications projects with products qualifications with the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program.

Environmental certification

LOGO ISO 14001

Achieving an environmental certification (ISO 14001 and EMAS) is a primary objective for companies wishing to be more competitive in an ever-changing economic environment. Greenwich srl is able to provide companies with qualified assistance for the design and implementation of an Environmental Management System compliant with internationally recognized standards for the purposes of final certification by accredited bodies.

The main objective of Greenwich srl is to provide companies with a management system that possesses the following characteristics:

  • effective, aimed at the improvement of environmental performance and is oriented towards integration without compromising of quality, EHS (Environmental, health and safety) systems;
  • practical, i.e oriented to achieve the benefits such as cost reduction, limiting unnecessary bureaucratic burdens;
  • flexible, adaptable to the various environmental management standards such as ISO 14001 or EMAS.

Greenwich assists companies in all the operational steps necessary to achieve the certification, the main activities are listed below:

  • initial environmental analysis;
  • elaborate documentation for Environmental Management Systems;
  • training for company personnel;
  • audits and internal audits;
  • assistance in the final stages of certification.