Remade in Italy® is the voluntary product certification of the percentage of recycled material resulting from the recycling of waste for Made-in-Italy products.

In addition to the product certificate, it allows for a label issued by the ReMade in Italy organisation to be obtained, as well as the publication of the product on the Remade in Italy® website.

Remade in Italy® is a certification recognised under the CAM “Minimum Environmental Criteria” issued by the Ministry of the Environment to govern the environmental criteria for each procurement sector, which must be compulsorily applied by Public Administrations (pursuant to the Procurement Code, Legislative Decree No. 50/2016, Article 34).

Benefits of the Remade in Italy® certification

The ReMade in Italy certification is permitted in public tenders for proof of recycled content in a material, semi-finished or manufactured product.

The ReMade in Italy certification is useful for qualifying products with an Italian recycled content in public tenders , belonging to any sector such as construction, furniture and textiles, but also street furniture, stationery, materials for road construction and maintenance, lubricating oils, packaging and others.

Possession of the ReMade in Italy certification offers conformity of the material/product to the CAM of the Ministry of the Environment, access to tax incentives for recycled products, tax relief (e.g., plastic tax).

How is the Remade in Italy® certification obtained?

Greenwich provides services throughout the entire process of obtaining Remade in Italy® certification, which is divided into the following phases:

  • Preliminary product analysis ;
  • Preparation of the Remade in Italy technical dossier;
  • Auditing of the calculations performed to determine the recycled content (support for sample analysis of documents and records);
  • Assistance during validation audit activities by the accredited certification body;
  • Annual review and maintenance of the certification.

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