Achieving the environmental certification (ISO 14001 and EMAS) is a primary objective for companies that intend to be increasingly competitive in a changing economic environment and that intend to carefully manage environmental issues, to avoid risks and increase control over environmental parameters.

Greenwich srl is able to provide companies with qualified assistance for the design and implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that complies with internationally recognised standards for final certification by accredited bodies.

The main objective of Greenwich srl is to provide companies with an environmental management system that has the following characteristics:

  • Effective, aimed at real improvement in environmental performance and geared towards the integration and not the overlapping of quality, environment and health and safety systems;
  • Practical, i.e., oriented towards achieving real benefits, such as reducing costs by limiting unnecessary red tape;
  • Flexible, able to be easily adapted to various environmental management standards, such as ISO 14001 or EMAS.

Greenwich srl assists companies in all the operational steps necessary to achieve the certification, the main activities of which are listed below:

  • Initial environmental analysis;
  • Preparation of Environmental Management System documentation;
  • Training of company staff;
  • Internal audits and verifications;
  • Assistance in the final certification stages.

Greenwich srl is able to offer specialist consultancy for certified EMSs for companies of various types and sizes (SMEs and large-sized enterprises, manufacturing and industrial sectors of various types, waste sector), with the development of systems that support the effective environmental management of production sites.