WELL® certification: what is it?

WELL is an innovative, voluntary tool for classifying and certifying buildings as regards people’s comfort, health and well-being.

The WELL® certification is managed by the International WELL® Building Institute (IWBI) and is issued by Green Business Certification Inc., the same institute that issues the LEED® certification.

WELL® is structured to integrate perfectly with environmental sustainability protocols, especially with the LEED® certification, with which it shares not only the same certification body but also the structure in prerequisites, credits and scores.

How to obtain the WELL® certification

In addition to the documentary check carried out by the WELL Reviewer, an accredited WELL® Testing Agent carries out inspections, checks, monitoring and analysis on site to be passed: the certification process is therefore challenging but, at the same time, a guarantee of excellence.

The Greenwich WELL team consists of 3 WELL® APs.

The WELL® certification must be maintained over time and, every three years, it must be renewed; it is therefore a perfect tool to ensure that the health and safety of the building is not only initial but will last over time.

The number of WELL-certified buildings worldwide and in Italy is constantly growing.

Who is the WELL AP?

The WELL Certification requires the presence of a WELL AP-accredited professional in the project team, who has the mandate to coordinate and assist the overall team in integrating WELL requirements into the project and the customer’s management policies.

The WELL AP is responsible for the drafting of design, operational and procedural guidelines, as well as guidance, which, when applied, will enable the requirements of the Protocol to be met.

Greenwich is experienced and qualified to offer WELL® consulting services for all various protocols, namely:

WELL v1 and WELL v2Types of certifiable buildings:The Greenwich WELL® team has the following qualifications:
  New and Existing BuildingsNew and Existing InteriorsCore and Shell  Commercial and institutional buildingsMultifamily residences, retail and restaurants    3 WELL® AP
Greenwich WELL® Services:
WELL® APWELL® CharretteWELL® Preliminary AssessmentWELL® Administration and Project ManagementWELL® in the design phaseWELL® in the construction phaseCommissioning Authority for the Commissioning of the Building EnvelopeLighting and daylight simulations

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