The WIREDSCORE certification is a rating system, specific to commercial buildings, which allows those who apply it to enhance and improve their IT infrastructure for the benefit of greater efficiency and integration of the building with new and current digital technologies.

WIREDSCORE, the new certification for:

  • optimising the building’s technical spaces to serve the IT infrastructure;
  • the correct design of digital connection systems;
  • the provision of said systems to Tenants to maximise the value of leased space;
  • securing all IT equipment to ensure quality and continuity of service;
  • creating intelligent building management systems.

Advantages of a WIREDSCORE certified building

Internet connectivity is essential to the Tenant experience, especially in office buildings.

Building according to the Wiredscore protocol standards guarantees a technologically advanced development and, above all, required by the next generation of Tenants.

For commercial property investors, the advantage is in obtaining an international certification that confirms and enhances the value of the building both technologically and economically.

What are the WIREDSCORE-certified smart buildings?

The WiredScore certification can be a real added value in the development of smart buildings designed for the future. Currently, only commercial office buildings and industrial buildings can be Wiredscore certified. This includes existing buildings as well as those under development or redevelopment. Building types include: multi-tenant office buildings, single-tenant office buildings, corporate facilities, government buildings, medical office buildings, multi-use and mixed-use buildings.

How is the WIREDSCORE Certification obtained?

Within the framework of the WIREDSCORE protocol, Greenwich provides strategic consultancy services for customers wishing to implement or improve the connectivity of their buildings and IT infrastructure. Greenwich also provides design and construction development guidelines as well as a competent consultancy service for certification.

For more information, contact the Greenwich WIREDSCORE team with 1 WIREDSCORE® AP. https://wiredscore.com/en/