Greenwich s.r.l. has been offering BREEAM® (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) consultancy services since 2013, working alongside customers during all stages of the design process, in order to define, through a rating system, the environmental performance of the building and to issue the certification.

The Greenwich BREEAM® team comprises:

  • 2 BREEAM® AP

What is BREEAM®?

Developed in England in 1990, BREEAM® is a voluntary certification system promoted and managed by the Building Research Establishment, based in London, which aims to classify and certify the environmental sustainability of buildings with a significant focus on social issues.


The BREEAM certification is based on a comprehensive and integrated sustainability assessment methodology. It applies to various types of buildings or parts of buildings – be the new, redeveloped or existing – and to indoor spaces.

BREEAM® differs from the LEED certification due to the professional figure of the BREEAM® Assessor, a BRE-authorised certifier appointed by the customer to issue the certification following a careful analysis and audit of the project, including on site. The BREEAM Assessor has successfully completed a BREEAM training course carried out by the BRE certification body, followed by the certification examination.

For a building to obtain the BREEAM® certification, the appointed BREEAM® Assessor shall carry out an audit to verify and assess the environmental sustainability requirements. In the certification report prepared by the BREEAM Assessor and ultimately submitted to the BRE body (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), the weighted BREEAM credit score for each of the BREEAM categories is given: management, health and well-being, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use and ecology pollution.

The sum of the weighted credits determines the environmental performance of the building (rating) and the corresponding certification level: Outstanding ? 85, Excellent ? 70, Very Good ? 55, Good ? 45, Pass ? 30, Unclassified <30.

The BREEAM certification can be applied for at different points in the building lifecycle:

  • Design phase (leading to an interim certificate);
  • Post-Construction Phase (leading to a final certificate);
  • Operational Phase (BREEAM in Use for existing buildings).

The BREEAM certification protocol makes use of various schemes and technical manuals that apply to buildings depending on their intended use and/or depending on the type of building intervention applied to the building. In Italy, the protocols and technical manuals defined as “International” apply, given that Italy does not have country-specific protocols: NC International, In Use, IRFO, Communities.

Greenwich is experienced and qualified to offer BREEAM® consultancy services for all the various protocols, namely:

BREEAM® New Construction:Greenwich BREEAM® Services:
  Residential dwellingsOfficesRetailIndustrialHealthcareEducationResidential institutionsCommunity buildingsPublic buildingsData centresBREEAM® ASSESSORBREEAM® APBREEAM® SUITABLE ECOLOGISTBREEAM® Eco-CharretteBREEAM® Preliminary AssessmentBREEAM® Administration and Project ManagementBREEAM® in the design phaseBREEAM® Energy ModellingBREEAM® in the construction phaseBREEAM® Commissioning Authority for the Commissioning of SystemsCommissioning Authority for the Commissioning of PackagingLighting and daylight simulations
BREEAM® Refurbishment and Fit-Out:BREEAM® In-Use:The Greenwich BREEAM® Team has the following qualifications:
OfficesRetailIndustrialHealthcareEducationResidential institutionsCommunity buildingsPublic buildingsData centresOfficesRetailIndustrialHealthcareEducationResidential institutionsCommunity buildingsPublic buildingsData centres      3 BREEAM® ASSESSOR NC2 BREEAM® ASSESSOR IRFO2 BREEAM® ASSESSOR IN USE2 BREEAM® AP

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