In the field of environmental communication, Greenwich develops communication projects for companies and public bodies, in relation to various corporate, brand or crisis management needs.

As a result of the experience gained through years of work in this field, Greenwich is able to conceive, design and execute environmental communication campaigns on a national scale, with the design and execution of environmental events and roadshows.

Depending on customers’ needs, Greenwich provides environmental communication advice:


  • Communication and environmental awareness campaigns to promote brands and products;
  • Organisation and management of environmental education courses for consumers.


  • Environmental communication and awareness campaigns for corporate projects;
  • Training Courses, Environmental Education and Employee Motivation Events.

Crisis and conflict

  • Study and design of actions and communication campaigns in the event of environmental crises for production sites or plants with environmental interference;
  • Study, design and management of environmental conflict management actions with media plan, environmental press office, organisation of public involvement events.

Greenwich can also provide consultancy services for:

  • Conceiving and designing communication contents and layouts for the “Green Marketing” of products to Projects subject to LEED/BREEAM/WELL Certification
  • Creating and designing contents for leaflets/brochures in ITA/ENGL, for the “Green Marketing” of the products at trade fairs, presentations to Projects subject to LEED/BREEAM/WELL Certification

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