Greenwich s.r.l is experienced and qualified in offering LEED® consultancy services, coordinating and overseeing both the design and construction phases of various types of buildings and applying all LEED® v4 and v4.1 protocols.

The Greenwich LEED® team comprises:

  • 11 LEED® AP BD+C
  • 2 LEED® AP ID+C
  • 2 LEED® AP O+M

In 2021, Giuseppe Zaffino, Managing Director, Head of the Green Building Rating Systems Division, has been named a 2021 LEED Fellow by Green Business Certification Inc.    

Since 2007, Greenwich has participated in the LEED® sustainability certification process for over 300 projects, including some of the most prestigious in Italy and abroad.

What is LEED®?

It is a voluntary certification systemdeveloped by the internationally recognisedUS Green Building Council (USGBC) for rating and certifying the sustainability and energy performance of buildings.It can be applied to any type of building and building interiors and covers the entire life cycle of the building, from design to construction, from operation to maintenance.

LEED® stands out amongst other systems due to its comprehensive and integrated approach to environmental and energy sustainability, also taking into account occupant health and safety aspects. LEED® can be applied to new, renovated and existing buildings or parts of buildings.

How is the LEED certification obtained?

In order to obtain the LEED certification, it is necessary for the project idea, design, construction phase and final testing to follow specific LEED guidelines defined by the various building protocols, aimed at introducing specific mandatory energy and environmental sustainability requirements into the building. The body of documentary evidence demonstrating the project’s compliance with these guidelines is then subject to a detailed review process conducted by the GBCI certification body, aimed at the subsequent issuance of the LEED certificate by the only competent certification body in the world: Green Business Certification Inc.

Who are LEED APs?

LEED APs are LEED-accredited professionals who holistically coordinate and oversee all processes of a building’s life, from design to construction. The LEED

certification system is based on awarding a number of LEED® credits for each of the requirements that characterise the sustainability of a building, which are: Integrative Process, Location and Transport, Site, Water Management, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Innovation in Design. The sum of the credits determines the level of certification obtained.

There are four levels of LEED certification:

  1. CERTIFIED (between 40 and 49 points),
  2. SILVER (between 50 and 59 points),
  3. GOLD (between 60 and 79 points),
  4. PLATINUM (over 80 points).

The advantages of the LEED certification

The advantages, for professionals or companies, of adopting LEED certification for buildings lie in the high final quality of the building: healthy, comfortable, durable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Investing in LEED has a strongly positive effect on the market, resulting, in the long term, in significant savings in running costs and an increase in the real estate value of the building.

The LEED® v4 and V4.1 protocols:

LEED® for Building Design and ConstructionGreenwich LEED® Services:
  LEED® BD+C: Core and Shell DevelopmentLEED® BD+C: SchoolsLEED® BD+C: RetailLEED® BD+C: Data CentresLEED® BD+C: Warehouses and Distribution CentresLEED® BD+C: HospitalityLEED® BD+C: HealthcareLEED® BD+C: Homes and Multifamily Low-riseLEED® BD+C: Multifamily Mid-riseLEED® Eco-CharretteLEED® Preliminary AssessmentLEED® Administration and Project ManagementLEED® in the design phaseEnergy ModellingLEED® in the construction phaseCommissioning Authority for the Commissioning of SystemsCommissioning Authority for the Commissioning of the building envelope Building LCA studiesLighting and daylight simulations
LEED® for Building Operations and MaintenanceLEED® for Interior Design and ConstructionThe Greenwich LEED® Team has the following qualifications:
LEED® O+M: Existing BuildingsLEED® O+M: RetailLEED® O+M: SchoolsLEED® ID+C: Commercial InteriorsLEED® ID+C: RetailLEED® ID+C: Hospitality11 LEED® AP BD+C2 LEED® AP ID+C2 LEED® AP O+M

There are more than 90,000 LEED-certified buildings worldwide, of which approximately 1,000 in Italy, mainly GOLD, with a high concentration in Lombardy.

The cost of an LEED certification varies according to the level of achievement set and is calculated in proportion to the surface area of the buildings. The costs are broken down into: registration and certification fee to GBCI, LEED® consultancy costs and costs necessary to implement the mandatory pre-requisites and credits in the building.

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