Parksmart is the only certification programme in the world that defines, measures and recognises sustainable and high-performance garages. Developed by industry experts, Parksmart offers a roadmap of innovative strategies and solutions for new and existing car parks.

The certification is open to new and existing car parks of all types, including those in commercial, university, municipal, hospital and hospitality buildings. Projects can be independent or part of a mixed-use building.

Three Parksmart categories
Points are awarded to parking facilities for sustainable and forward-looking practices in the three categories: Management, Programmes and Technology Structure Design.

Parksmart certification levels

New construction projects can pursue the following 3 levels of certification:

  1. Parksmart Bronze (between 110 and 134 points),
  2. Parksmart Silver (between 135 and 159 points),
  3. Parksmart Gold (over 160 points).

Existing projects can qualify for the Parksmart Pioneer certification, by achieving at least 90 points.

How is the Parksmart Certification obtained?

Greenwich s.r.l. supports customers, designers and construction companies in the implementation of the protocol requirements by providing assistance until the certification is obtained.

The Greenwich Parksmart Team comprises qualified technicians with decades of experience in Green Building protocols.

The Parksmart certification process consists of four steps:


Complete the Parksmart registration form, send payment and schedule the call with the GBCI auditor to discuss the envisaged approach.


Gather and send the necessary documentation to allow a GBCI review of the project.


GBCI will conduct a thorough review of the project and, within 10 working days of submission and payment, GBCI will respond with a preliminary review, indicating which measures have been achieved and which may require further information.


Acceptance of the GBCI audit is the final step in the Parksmart certification process. A formal certificate of recognition is received and this achievement can start being promoted.

How many parking facilities are Parksmart certified?

Parksmart is paving the way for the sustainable mobility network of the future. Over 101 new and existing projects in eight countries, 22 states in the US and DC, with a total of 123,053 parking spaces have been registered or certified by Parksmart as of January 2019.

For detailed information on the certification process, eligibility, programme costs and the

levels of achievement, please contact us. For more information: